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Contact Info & Hours

  • Contact Info

    Phone: 913-685-3322, 877-685-3322
    Fax: 913-685-3355
    Street Address:
    7311 W. 130th Street Suite 100
    Overland Park, KS 66213
  • Hours*

    Monday 9:00AM–5PM
    Tuesday 9:00AM–5PM
    Wednesday 9:00AM–5PM
    Thursday 9:00AM–5PM
    Friday 9:00AM–5PM
    Saturday 9:00AM–1PM
    Sunday 9:00AM–1PM
    *Updated Hours during COVID-19
For media inquiries: Please contact Adam Rossbach, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, by phone at 913-685-3322 ext. 248 or by email at