Tickets Without Fees

At Tickets For Less, the price you see is the price you pay from ticket browsing, to selection, to checkout. Every ticket purchased is a ticket without fees added at checkout. We believe in 'all-in' pricing. In other words, we tell you exactly how much you will spend on your tickets before ever finalizing your purchase.

When you purchase from most other ticket sellers, the price of your tickets can rise by as much as 30% once you hit checkout. Your tickets spike because of taxes and service fees that are kept secret from the main browsing selection. Crazy, right? But, the madness doesn't stop there. Many ticket sellers will charge as much as $8 simply to email you your tickets! That's ridiculous.


How Other Brokers Manage Fees

Many ticket sellers take on different methods in order to better serve themselves rather than the customer. For example, one method is to cause the customer to go through a series of steps in order to checkout. These brokers list their tickets at a low price, then ask for your personal information and credit information before showing you the grand total with added fees and charges.


  • There are two reasons for a broker doing so:
      • One reason is to make the customer feel like the process was long and tedious so they should just carry out with the purchase
      • The second is to gain information even if the customer thinks the grand total is too much because the broker already has all your information to re-target you in the future over and over. 


How Tickets For Less Manges Fees

At Tickets For Less, we are up front and honest and lay it all out on the table. Browse through every event and the ticket price you see on the event page won't change a penny at checkout. Our tickets without fees allow customers and event goers alike to navigate through the secondary market and know they are getting an honest and fair price. 


If you’re going to a Chiefs, Royals, NASCAR, Janet Jackson, Amy Grant or any event or concert in between, you can be sure you’ll find upfront tickets without fees. No matter if you only need one ticket or 20, Tickets For Less will have you covered. Click your ticket preference and see the same number at checkout. Tickets For Less knows the value of sports, concerts and events so how could we ever put a fee on it!

Tickets For Less guarantees to never add on charges or extra fees after you've already selected the ticket you want. Don't even worry about delivery methods! We will NEVER charge for the email of electronic tickets or if you choose a local pick up of hardstock tickets. If you choose to have tickets mailed as a hardstock, tangible ticket, there is a flat rate of $10 but we always offer free methods to help save you money. 





Since our founding in 2004, Tickets For Less has never applied fees or taxes to the price of your tickets at checkout and we never will. With over ten years of experience in ticketeting, Tickets For Less is the perfect source for all your ticket needs without the hassle of taxes and fees. It's time for honest tickets without fees. It's time to ticket differently.