Tickets Without Fees

At Tickets For Less, the ticket price you see is always the price you pay, from initial browsing through final purchase. We do not add service fees at checkout that increase your ticket price. When you purchase from most other ticket sites, the price of your tickets can increase by as much as 30% during checkout. The cost per ticket increases because of taxes and service fees that are hidden during the browsing process. At Tickets For Less we believe in 'all-in' pricing. In other words, we tell you exactly how much you will spend on your tickets from the very beginning.


Secondary Ticket Market Fees

The secondary market for event tickets provides a service to customers and sellers by connecting the two, but there are a few methods ticket sellers use to hook you in before showing you the final price. Some ticket sellers list their tickets at a much lower price throughout the browsing process, and then during checkout they increase the price by as much as 30% with added taxes and service fees. Their hope is by that point you have gone through so many steps and entered so much personal information that you proceed with the order regardless of the price increase. Luckily, Tickets For Less takes no part in those tactics. The price you see listed for the ticket is always the price you pay at checkout.


Tickets For Less Vs. Other Secondary Ticket Brokers

If you are tired of paying more for tickets than you anticipated, Tickets For Less is here to help! Since our founding in 2004, Tickets For Less has taken pride in our honest, upfront pricing. We show you ticket prices while you are browsing, and they don’t increase at checkout because we don’t charge any taxes or service fees. The only potential fee you will encounter at Tickets For Less is a delivery fee, and our delivery options are priced significantly below other ticket sites. We also offer free delivery methods like e-ticket, instant download and local pick-up. With over ten years of experience, Tickets For Less promises to deliver risk-free tickets without added taxes and service fees. Experience the difference at Tickets For Less!