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    NASCAR is a great weekend adventure, but how did it get here? The loud "vrooms" of the cars fills the air. Fans sit in the grandstand watching the race waiting to see who will be the champion. Obviously the point is to win, but why is the race is so fast and where exactly did it came from? The history of NASCAR makes watching the race a lot more fun. Why? Because it all started with some bootleggin' boys that knew a way around the system.

    The history of NASCAR dates back to prohibition time when alcohol was banned and it was hard to get your hands on some booze. That is, for some people. Other people knew where the liquor was and had a way to get it: racing cars from state to state stocked with alcohol. Some of the backwoods boys of Virginia and Georgia would load up the cars with moonshine and put the pedal to the metal and speed down from one state to the next, with the police hot on their tails. The bootleggers were criminals, but they sure had a darn good time flying from the law. So much fun that someone had the idea to turn a cow pasture into a big track made of dirt.

    Eventually, enough traction built up with the cars that more and more people were taking stock in the race. Mechanics, bootleggers, farm owners, all had some sort of investment in this system that it became a sport. Junior Johnson was one of the first "greats" of NASCAR, which back then, NASCAR was bootleggin' moonshine. Johnson was known to outlast any chase and succeeded in sharing the moonshine from state to state without being caught. He started racing on the tracks and started winning. NASCAR gave birth and boys were revving their engines trying to win a race, actually without the booze in their cars.

    These days, we can sit by the track and enjoy an ice cold beer and don't have to worry about the cops chasing us around the tracks. It's nice how times have changed. However, NASCAR still has it's roots and still continues to intrigue us as we watch the cars zoom around the tracks, just as they did way back when. When you're watching the race, think about those cars stocked with illegal booze and some cops chasing after them. Prohibition was a time of struggle and turmoil, but out came NASCAR and we can thank those bootleggers for starting something great.



    You can find all your NASCAR tickets from Tickets For Less. There's family 4 packs, suites and more. It's quite the weekend you don't want to miss out on. Take part in the roots of America and gaze your eyes upon the cars as they circle the tracks. There's still enough time to make a weekend of it. Remember the bootleggers and thank them for starting a tradition that gives us thrills and chills with the roaring of the engines and the fun of the race.