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Our Fansurance Guarantee

Losing is never fun, but knowing your tickets are guaranteed is always a WIN!

Rest assured that once your order is confirmed by Tickets For Less, your transaction is guaranteed. Purchase your tickets through Tickets For Less and your tickets will be:

Fansurance Seal
  • 1
    Guaranteed no risk purchase
  • 2
    Refunded if the event is permanently cancelled and not rescheduled
  • 3
    We guarantee you can purchase with confidence
  • 4
    Guaranteed to be legitimate and authentic
  • 5
    Guaranteed to arrive in time for the event

For almost 20 years, Tickets For Less has been committed to providing exceptional customer service on all of our transactions. If you have any questions regarding our guarantee, please contact our friendly staff toll free at 877-685-3322 for more information.